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Probably the most comprehensive pottery & porcelain marks search site on the web.


If you are a collector or dealer in pottery and porcelain you will find in this site more than 15,000 marks which include British and European, American, Chinese and Japanese.


Markfinder.com carries marks from the Renaissance period, including the 16th century Italian ‘Maiolica’, the German and French 16th century ‘Faience’, the early 17th century Dutch ‘Delft’ wares and onto the great factories of Europe including Meissen, Sevres and the English factories of Wedgwood, Derby, Worcester, Minton and Doulton, etc. etc.


Much of this information from the world’s most important pottery and porcelain factories was mainly taken from the book, Pottery and Porcelain Marks by E. George Perrott, plus the marks of 300 studio artists from The Ceramics Book – An A-Z Guide to Ceramic Artists by kind permission of Ceramics Review Publishing Ltd. In addition, lots of data was gathered by research and also added to marksfinder.com.


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